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Reborn Arts


The vision of Reborn Arts is to revive community through the power of catharsis utilizing movement and art.

Our mission is to create movement experiences that transcend cultural, social, gender, socioeconomic, generational, and language barriers. Through our services and programs, we aim to facilitate the feeling of self-agency, a space for community and shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. We strive to provide life-giving movement experiences that break cycles of isolation, complacency, uniformity, and apathy, and encourage community, creativity, diversity, and expression. Reborn Arts aims to create situations that elicit gut reactions, bringing breath and ownership back to our often passive, overly structured lives.

Our Groups

Our immersive peformances, Annual Dance Festival, and movement workshops are conducted by our professional dance company Re:borN Dance Interactive.

Our community events, youth development, pre-professional dance shows, and student run outreach projects are conducted by our youth performance ensemble, 

Encore Dance Company at The Academy of Dance

Our History

Boróka Nagy is a dancer, choreographer, and multimedia artist born in Budapest, Hungary.
After cultivating her art in New York City, she moved to Southern California to continue

to research dance-film and choreography, acquiring her M.F.A. in Dance from the

University of California- Irvine in 2015.

In 2016, Boróka founded Re:borN Dance Interactive, a
contemporary dance company that challenges the conventional audience-dancer relationship and explores the interconnectedness of movement, emotions, and identity.

In 2021, she became the director of The Academy of Dance in Orange County, which ignited her sense of urgency in using dance education to improve the future of

the next generation.


With these experience combined, Boróka saw a need for community, emotional release, and the development of empathy and agency within her surroundings. With a passion for diversity, empowerment, and agency, she realized how important emotional release and shared expereinces are in achieving these things.

Reborn Arts is about expanding opportunities to explore the interconnectedness of movement and emotions, and bringing that experience to more people.

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